Carol Ann Duffy strikes again with election poem

Another crock of shit from the pen of the Poet Laureate. An election poem entitled “Democracy”:

Here’s a boat that cannot float.

Here’s a queue that cannot vote.

Here’s a line you cannot quote.

Here’s a deal you cannot note …

and here’s a sacrificial goat,

here’s a cut, here’s a throat,

here’s a drawbridge, here’s a moat …

What’s your hurry? Here’s your coat.

Believe me, I get that she’s writing about popular events. I don’t mind this. Whether it’s the election fiasco or the state of David Beckham’s feet, I’m all for her, well, doing her job as Poet Laureate. But come on, this is not good poetry. It’s not abysmal poetry, and there are some things to enjoy about it, but overall I find it insipid, weak, and at its worst predictable and annoying. Which is not the standard I expect from a Poet Laureate.


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One Response

  1. fergus says:

    Duffy,s poem, is rather fluffy, nothing of substance, and rather scruffy. and in the words of ogden nash, its rather worse than verse.

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